Arthur Edward Stollery - Our Project

Vadencourt Cemetery
Starting the Search
Finding the grave reference
Looking for the grave
Getting warmer...
We've found it
Tom with the grave of Arthur Edward Stollery
The grave of Arthur Edward Stollery
The Marlesford cross is placed on Arthur's grave
A connection with home, Marlesford
The Marlesford cross
Vadencourt Cemetery
Vadencourt Cemetery12th April 2014

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We visited Vadencourt Cemetery on the morning of Saturday 12th April 2014. 

The soldier we were searching for was Arthur Edward Stollery.

Our boys searched the cemetery register to find the name of Arthur, this gave us the grave reference for the boys to search for.  The boys had to find grave 1A-7, which they did in no time at all.  Tom was thrilled to find the grave of his second soldier from Marlesford, he had been holding his Marlesford cross in the car and looking out for the cemetery for about 20 minutes, since we left the grave of CSM Chambers at Templeux-Le-Guerard British Cemetery.

The weather was beautiful and the cemetery looked perfect. 

We sat on the grass and spoke about Arthur and touched his grave stone, it felt as though a real connection had been made.  It's difficult to explain why touching a gravestone can cause an emotional reaction but it felt wonderful to touch the letters of Arthur's name on the white stone.  Perhaps the warm, spiritual thoughts we brought from Marlesford were enough for us to feel this connection.


If you have any information on Arthur Stollery please contact us