Charles Blakeway - Our Project

Ploegsteert Memorial
Starting the Search
Looking for Charles' name on the memorial
George finds the correct memorial plate for the Suffolk Regiment
We've found it
The plate featuring the Suffolk Regiment at Ploegsteert Memorial
George finds a grave of an unknown soldier
The Marlesford cross is placed at the gravestone
The Marlesford cross at the grave of an unknown soldier
We write in the register
Ploegsteert Memorial12th April 2014

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We visited Ploegsteert Cemetery and Memorial on the afternoon of Saturday 12th April 2014. 

The soldier we were searching for was Charles Blakeway.

George searched the cemetery register to find Charles' name, this gave us the memorial panel reference for him to search for.  George found the memorial reference, panel 3.  As there was no grave for us to place the Marlesford cross on we found a grave of an unknown soldier and placed the cross on this grave.  We hope that the Marlesford cross made a connection between Charles, his home village and his brothers in arms.

We spent some time in the wonderful museum at Ploegsteert, which is well worth a visit.

If you have any information on Charles Blakeway and would like to contact us please do so at