Ellis Thurston Gray - Our Project

Tyne Cot Cemetery
Ellis is commemorated on the memorial
Tom finds Ellis' name on a panel for Royal Fusiliers
His name is very high up on the panel!!
Ellis Thurston Gray
We find a soldier of the Royal Fusiliers
We hope we have connected Ellis home
We sign the register
The Marlesford cross
Tyne Cot Cemetery14th April 2014

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We visited Tyne Cot Cemetery early on the morning of Monday 14th April 2014. 

The soldier we were searching for on the memorial was Ellis Gray.

Tom searched the cemetery register to find Ellis' name, this gave us the panel reference for him to search for.  The body of Ellis Gray was never found, so Ellis is commemorated on the memorial.

The weather was beautiful but the scale of the Great War is evident in Tyne Cot cemetery which is one of the largest war cemeteries in Flanders.  The memorial commemorates nearly 35,000 men who have no know grave.

We chose to commemorate Ellis at the grave of an unknown Royal Fusilier.  We spent some time in the cemetery talking about how young Ellis was when he died serving his country, he was only 21.  We know very little about Ellis - one of the unknown of the Great War, but not fogotten.

If you have any information on Ellis Gray please contact us