Harry Beeden - Our Project

Larch Wood Railway Cutting Cemetery
Starting the Search
Looking for the grave reference of Harry Beeden
George finds the grave reference IV.E.9
We've found it
Harry Beeden's grave with the Marlesford cross
Harry's family requested additional words to be placed on the grave
George with Harry's gravestone
The Marlesford cross with Harry's grave
A German grave in Larch Wood Railway Cutting cemetery
Larch Wood Railway Cutting Cemetery14th April 2014

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We visited Larch Wood Cemetery on the afternoon of Monday 14th April 2014. 

The soldier we were searching for was Harry Beeden.

George searched the cemetery register to find Harry's name, this gave us the grave reference for him to search for.  George found grave IV.E.9, in no time at all.  He was thrilled to find the grave of his third soldier from Marlesford.

The weather was beautiful and the cemetery was very well kept, in its very rural location.

We spent some time in the cemetery at the grave side talking about Harry and the sacrifice he had made.  We hope that the Marlesford cross made a connection between Harry, his home village and his brothers in arms.

Unusually, in Larch Wood Railway Cutting Cemetery, there is a grave of a German soldier 'Christ. Kasten' (the family name is listed first).  German soldiers are ususally buried in German cemeteries with black stone crosses as headstones.  The headstone for 'Kasten' is simple but poignant by its location in this peaceful cemetery.


If you have any information on Harry Beeden please contact us