Percy James Mayhew - Our Project

Percy Mayhew was buried at Lijssenthoek Cemetery
The records are all accessible via the computer on site
The grave has a reference and there is a map to indicate it's location
Tom finds the reference to the grave in the original register
Lijssenthoek Cemetery
Tom places the Marlesford cross at Percey's grave
Percy was the youngest of the Marlesford soldiers that died
George and Tom at Percy's grave
We talk about how young Percy was
The Marlesford cross at Percy's grave
We sign the visitors book
Because this was a cemetery attached to a hospital there are German soldiers buried in the cemetery
Percy Mayhew was buried at Lijssenthoek Cemetery15th April 2014

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We visited Lijssenthoek Cemetery on Tuesday 15th April 2014. 

The soldier we were searching for was Percy James Mayhew.  He was the youngest of the Marlesford soldiers to lose his life in the Great War.  He was only 19 when he died in the field hopsital in Flanders.

The weather was beautiful and the cemetery was very well kept, in its rural location.  We spent some time in the cemetery at the grave side talking about Percy and the sacrifice he had made at such a young age.  Percy Mayhew died in the hospital that had been located in Lijssenthoek, he had nearly made it home.  We hope that the Marlesford cross made a connection between Percy, his home village and his brothers in arms.

If you have any information on Percy Mayhew please contact us